Exposed Books Publishing

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Private Clients


Exposed Books Publishing was created to teach unknown authors how to write a book and the proper way to self-publish their book. Writing the book is the easy part of becoming an author. After an author writes their book, they will have a lot of questions. How will they create sales? Who will edit their book? What about marketing? What is the correct way to self-publish? How can they strategically remain relevant in this industry? Exposed Books Publishing was created for these questions. Some individuals would like to write a book, but they are lost on where to start. We are a one-stop-shop with writing. Exposed Books Publishing guide their clients through the process from the beginning to the end. We start at creating an outline and stay with each client years after their book has been published. Our goal is not to publish a book but to teach each author how to remain relevant after publishing.

Business Services


When an organization works with Exposed Books Publishing, they will receive an elite publishing company—serving as the access point to new clients within the state and government level. We strive to provide top quality service to every customer we encounter. Exposed Books Publishing delivers writing services such as editing and strategic planning services to the federal government, state, and local municipalities. We bring a fast, reliable, honest, proven track record and experience to ensure customer satisfaction.

Youth Services

In 2018 Exposed Books Publishing created a literacy program called When Children Write. When Children Write is a top-tier literacy program through book writing. Our writing program is an established after-school program that has one goal: it helps fix the literacy problem many kids face. Throughout our program, each student is taken through the stages of writing a book, editing, and the promotion of reading.