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Exposed Books Publishing is a one stop shop for all of your publishing needs. We offer services that range from editing, book covers, teaching you the proper way to self-publish a book and our ultimate VIP services to those that would like to sit back and relax, while we do the work. 


It's easy to google self-publishing a book, but we don't want you to just self-publish a book, our goal is for you to do it the right way. Our three to six month coaching program will guide you through the process of not only self-publishing your book, but building a business behind your one book. 

The journey of writing a book and trying to self-publish can be a lonely road to travel. Every author deserves to be empowered through positive influences, transparency, encouragement and trusted feedback. 

When you work with Exposed Books Publishing, you will receive a strategic plan for the next three to six months. We will host monthly coaching sessions along with being provided with modules that will lead you to the road of being a self-published author. 

Our goal during these months is to provide you with the knowledge of properly self-publishing your book, so you will be able to teach it to others later. 

If you are interested in using our VIP services, please book a complimentary consultation. 

Editing Services

What good is a book if the editing is horrible? Editing is something an author cannot avoid. It is necessary if you want anyone to take you serious an author. Can you imagine someone reading your book and not finishing it because of the horrible editing? 

When the time comes to birth your book, invest into a professional editor. I know we are the right company for you to invest in for your editing needs. Our company doesn't just look for grammar and punctuation issues, but we edit for content. As an author writes, sometimes the story may not flow to the end. When our company goes through the process of editing your book, we will edit for content to make sure your story connects to your readers.  The investment for our editing services starts at $150.00. In order to properly provide you with an accurate quote, we determine your word count. If you are ready to have your book edited, please email us with your word count. You will receive a quote within 24 business hours. 

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