Leslie Crawford founded Exposed Books Publishing, LLC in 2013. Exposed Books was founded on the principal of, an author shouldn't do all of the work and still pay out royalties to a company. 
Leslie's goal is to help authors with publishing their book without breaking their bank account. 
1. Can my book be a best seller? Yes it is possible for your book to be a best seller. You as an author should be putting in the time to promote your book at all times. It is not solely up to your publisher to make your book a best seller.
2. How long will it take for me to publish my book?  We offer several programs to help publish your book. The programs could vary from 3 to 6 months. Every author is different.
3. I don't know anything about writing a book or publishing, what can I do? Click here to book a session. 
"I want to write full-time. Leslie Crawford words helped me come to the realization about where my passion is... Writing and helping others heal. I will manifest my calling until it becomes my reality." Jasmin


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