Have you been researching how to properly self-publish your book for days, and the only thing you keep finding are these "free" services? I took my ten years' worth of knowledge in the publishing industry and created a proven guide that will take you through the process of self-publishing your book. When you invest in this blueprint, you will receive information on the process of building a company from self-publishing, how to hire the right editor, creating a book cover that will have people swiping their card, media placement, bookstore placement, and so much more. This 51-page guide is worth over $2500.00 if you were to book monthly coaching services with me. I am giving it to you for less than $50.00. If you’re finally ready to start making money from your book, this is the guide for you. This guide also comes with my Multiple Streams of Income Course.

The Proven Blueprint to Self-Publishing

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