Monique's life is full of riches, wealthy parents, a home fit for a queen, an extensive bank account and a closet filled with nametags but her curiosity for life longs for more. Seeking and wanting what's not good for her, Monique meets her prince in shining armor, who's not only from the inner city but is an infamous drug dealer that will turn one summer of fun and adventure into a roller coaster nightmare. 
Falling for what she thought was her soulmate, Monique soons learn that her mystery lover holds deep secrets with a treacherous past and an unthinkable future as well as finding out that her parents are living a life of lies and fairytales. Who can she turn to or who can she trust as she learns she may be the link to all of the lies as they unfold?
In this whirlwind tale of who's who, Monique must decide if she's living the life of a mistress or walking in the shoes of a street hustler's wifey. Known for her charm and sweet personality she must now make the decision to win, lose, or draw.

Forbidden Fruit

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