Nadine had everything any 30-year-old woman would want.  She was a successful lawyer, owned a home on the Upper East Side, and was the youngest partner at her firm.  Everything was going right for Nadine, except for her love life.  She gave up on love a long time ago after being dumped a month before her wedding.  She believed she would never find love again, until she met Reggie.  Who knew that a successful attorney and a blue-collar worker would be a match made in heaven?  Reggie was charming, sexy, and every chicks dream in the bedroom; but he was not who Nadine thought he was.  After years of being alone and focusing on building her career, did Nadine finally find her future husband, or did she find someone else’s past regrets?  What was Reggie hiding and what was Nadine willing to put up with just to be a bride?   Was Nadine blinded by love or was she just stupid and another one of Reggie’s money bag chicks? 

But He Loves Me

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