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With our mentoring services you will go from stressing about book sales to generating dollars in little as three months.

You know you have a good story, you want to have a side business, but you're stuck in your box. You have tried everything to sell your book. Or you don't know how to sell it.

But what if I told you, it's not all about book sales. Sounds crazy, right. If I told you I was able to leave my 9-5 and sustain an income to live my best life, would you believe me? I did! 

That's exactly why I created Building a Business From the Pen Mentoring Program. Building a Business From the Pen is a top-tier mentoring program for new authors like you. I will walk you through a step-by-step, proven program that's guaranteed to put money into your pocket as an author and business owner. 

This program is right for you if.

-You know readers will benefit from reading your book.

-You're over living from paycheck to paycheck.

-You're ready to start a side business with your writing.

-You're ready to step outside of your tiny box and share your brilliance with the world. 


Our mentoring services are $3900.00 total. Signing up for this service requires a six month commitment. If you require a payment plan, please book a consultation. Your consultation fee will be deducted from your first monthly payment.

Life can get hectic, and sometimes we don’t have time to do everything we want. If you’re ready to publish your book, but you don’t have the time to complete the process independently, allow us to help you. If you write the story, we'll do the rest. 

Exposed Books Publishing services include book cover design, full editing services, marketing, worldwide distribution, library placement, ebook conversion, copyright, free books for you, and more. The best part about all of this is, you keep 100% of your royalties. This service is a one-time investment of $2750.00. If you require a payment plan, we will work with you.


Please book a consultation with us for all payment plans, and your consultation investment will be deducted from your total. If you’re ready to join the ranks of other authors, sign up today.

What’s the biggest thing authors tend to neglect? Editing!

Exposed Books Publishing offers a top-tier editing package to fit your needs. We promise to provide you with guaranteed results when you use our services. 

​Why do you need an editor?

Editing is the one step most authors neglect. Many authors neglect this step for two reasons; they don’t think they need it, or it’s not in their budget. Even if you have read your book multiple times, you will need an editor. A fresh set of eyes is always required before you produce a book. An editor’s job is to perfect your story and catch things you missed.

We have created an editing package that will fit your budget. Please don’t skip the most crucial step of publishing your book.

Why should you work with us?

Our work is guaranteed, and at any time you require a reference, we will provide one. We are here to service you. Any questions or concerns you have, we’re available to answer. If you’re not satisfied, which we know you will be, but if it happens, we continue to work until you have fallen in love with your book all over again.

And the best part?

We offer payment plans to help fit your budgeting needs.

Option 1: Our proofreading option includes.

1. Light revision with correction of typos and grammar.

2. Removal of repetitive words.

3. In margin comments and a separate explanation of our observations.

4. We provide suggestions.

This option does not include major editing content such as plotting, story flow, etc.

*This option offers one round of edits. This is for authors that don’t have a large budget and a lot of time. Our proofreading service has a 5-7 business day turnaround time. This option does not come with a payment plan.

We are starting at $125.00 for 25k words.

Option 2: Our full editing services include.

You will receive everything that’s provided in our proofreading option and the below.

​1. A minimum of three rounds to edit. We don’t stop until you’re satisfied.

2. We check and edit for story flow, plotting, major content, word improvement, and we will rework sentences if needed.

We thoroughly go through your manuscript until all parties are satisfied.


*This process is longer. The time frame is a minimum of 30 days to complete. Since we want to make sure you are satisfied, Exposed Books Publishing only take on a certain amount of editing clients a month.


This package starts at $350.00 depending on your word count.


This package provides the author with the option to use our payment plan.