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Updated: Aug 17

I'm not going to give you a boring bio about how I grew up and everything that happened in my life. I'm sure that's not why you're here. What I will tell you is, I'm serious about my craft and future.

No, I don't have a horrible back story to tell about my life. I'm just a woman that took a chance in 2008 to start writing a book. It was a struggle from the first day; I placed the thought in my head of becoming an author. I didn't know this industry. I made plenty of mistakes. There were months and years when I didn't sell one book. But, I researched this industry, I kept writing, I figured out my mistakes, and I learned from every mistake.

Ten years later, and I have a successful publishing company that teaches other authors the process of creating their own business. My company offers editing, mentoring, publishing, book cover designs, and most importantly, teaching authors like you the process of collecting all of your coins. I'm just a woman that trusted God with the process.

I don't know what your journey consists of, but if you're reading this blog, it means you're ready to soar on this journey called writing. This is the year of ownership! Own 100% of everything you create. As we have seen recently in the media, it can all be taken away from you. Let me show you the right way. Every month I only take on a certain amount of clients because I want to give you 100% of me. If you're ready, schedule a call with me today.

Never allow anyone to stop you from growing.

Leslie C.

Exposed Books Publishing

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