What past clients are saying?

“I recently completed Leslie’s 12-week courses, it was the first money I invested in myself on the road to becoming an author, and I’m glad I did. She was very transparent about her experiences as a new author and the hurdles she faced. She offered options and advice, allowing you to make your own decisions based on what would be best for you. Leslie is personable and made me a believer in myself. Thank you, Leslie, for your encouragement and transparency. Wishing you continued success and growth. I look forward to working with you in the future.” Danielle Lawson

“Awesome service! I am a first-time author, and Exposed Books made my editing/publishing experience wanting me to write another book. Hassle-free and reliable. I loved my experience.” Elaine Lee

“I was a scared first-time author and didn’t know or understand what to do. I reached out to a couple of companies, and I felt like I was lost. After talking to Leslie Crawford, I felt peace and calmness. I decided I would go with her because she took the time to explain the business. Leslie also brought light to things I would not have known. To publish my book was an easy task with Ms. Crawford, I thank God for her wisdom and honesty. You can’t go wrong with talking with a person one on one than to constantly exchange words over the computer. I loved working with Exposed Books, and you will too.” Michelle Smith

“Thank you sooo much! Your information was very helpful. Now, I know what to strive for. Thank you again for adding helpful information so I could continue my journey as an author.” Nicole

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