Editing is something an author cannot avoid. Too often authors try to avoid investing in a good editor because of the cost. A professional editor is not free or cheap. When the time comes to birth your book, create a budget for the editing process. Editing takes time, but it is the best investment you'll make. 
1. How much does editing cost? This price varies depending on your word count. Our prices start at $75.00 on up. 
2. Do you charge an additional fee to edit the content?  We charge a fee to edit for grammar and punctuation issues. If you would like for us to edit for content also, there is an additional fee. This is normal in the editing industry.
3. I want my book edited, how do I get started? Click here to email me. 
"I highly recommend Leslie's book editing services. The time, efficiency, accuracy and attention to my needs truly exceeded my expectations. I was never out of the loop during the process. She made sure every question I had was given a response far greater than what I had come to expect from the publishing industry." LaShaunda


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