Exposed Books Publishing Clients

For the past year, Exposed Books Publishing has worked with some fantastic authors. Click on each picture to support their author's journey. If you’re ready to turn your thoughts into a book, schedule a 30-minute consultation.

Lashae Stevenson

Can You Stand The Rain

Elaine Lee

Off To College Book Of Knowledge

Michelle Smith

Blessed With Poetry

Shirlena Sturghill-Barnett

Mustard Seed

Skylar Ogunshakin

Skylar's One-Of-A-Kind Costume

Front cover.jpg
Erica Dyer
Karen B.

Good Girlz With Hood Habits

And Then You Go Shopping

Crystal Dorsey

When Zeke Needs Justice


"Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with me… for outlining the path to making this a success and doing it the right way. I am so grateful I reached out to you because it certainly helped. I did not believe I could do this; I had the idea for a while but would push it to the side. You definitely gave me the tools and encouragement to make me feel this is something attainable!"

Danielle Lawson, Mentoring Client

"I highly recommend Leslie's book editing services. The time, efficiency, accuracy, and attention to my needs truly exceeded my expectations. I was never out of the loop during the whole process. She made sure every question I had was given a response far greater than what I had come to expect from the publishing industry. I'm amazed. I have no doubt that I will utilize her expertise and talent in my future pursuits as an author. Check out her services. I promise you won't be disappointed at all."

LaShaunda Evans, Editing Client

Crystal Dorsey

A Movement With The Royals