What clients are saying about           Exposed Books Publishing?

But He Loves Me 
"You won't be able to put this one down!!!
As always this author delivers!! I've read all of her books. This one is the best. Her books always leave you thinking about life because they are so real. I can't wait to read her next creation."
"I've been working extremely hard through this process. I've been nervous, scared and overwhelmed. Thanks to Leslie and her encouraging words. She has helped me so much."
"I highly recommend Leslie's book editing services. The time, efficiency, accuracy and attention to my needs truly exceeded my expectations. I was never out of the loop during the whole process. She made sure every question was answered. I was given a response far greater than what I had come to expect from the publishing industry."
"Thank you so much! Your information from your multiple streams of income course was very helpful Now, I know what to strive for. Thank you again for adding helpful information so I could continue my journey as an author."
Forbidden Fruit
"This Forbidden Fruit is juicy. Kudos Leslie Crawford on a well written debut novel. The plot immediately sucked me in and the characters are real and relatable. I found myself shaking my head at Monique's naive tail more times than I can remember. Great work!!"


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