Meet Our Founder

Leslie Crawford is a savvy entrepreneur from Baltimore, MD. Her life’s work is to help new authors overcome their fear of completing their first book. 

In almost 10 years Leslie has written four books and helped many individuals like you become a first time author.

In 2013 Exposed Books Publishing, LLC was created by Leslie, where she was able to self-publish her own books. 

In 2018 Leslie turned her self-publishing company into a full-time business. Leslie offer different services to new authors; such as consulting, editing and publishing. 

Leslie understands the fear of writing your first book and sharing your story may not always be easy. Leslie strives to make the process easy and transparent. You will be provided with clarity and the confidence you need to be a successful author. 

While Leslie may work with clients of different genres and ages, her commitment to everyone stays the same - a safe and confidential environment that allows you as the author to feel comfortable about sharing your story. 

Together we can be a team. You will bring your story and I will bring my industry knowledge. 


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